Enhancements, Inc.

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Nathan Litton 573.438.7141


200 Frizzell St.
Potosi, MO 63664

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Services: Hours: M-F 8am-4pm.

Sheltered Workshop providing contract work for customers, recycling (cardboard, paper and plastic), shredding (on and off-site), thrift store, plaques and awards.

Enhancements, Inc/Décor Plac is a private, not-for-profit facility whose mission is to address the vocational needs of individuals who are handicapped as defined in RsMo 178.900 (or who are handicapped or developmentally disabled, or those individuals whose disability presents similar needs to those people who are developmentally disabled.) Enhancements, Inc/Décor Plac is dedicated to respecting the rights and dignity of the employees, and collaborating with outside agencies, to promote as much as possible, the independence and self-sufficiency of the employees.