Washington County Senate Bill 40 Board

Contact Info

Name Phone E-mail
Jeff Richards (573) 438-2866 jeff@wcsb40.com


10558 West State Hwy E
Potosi, Missouri 63664

Additional Information

Website: wcsb40.com

Office Hours: M-F 8am-4pm

Washington County SB40 Board provides resources and case management to the residents of Washington County who have a developmental disability. A tax is collected (through personal property) which is used to fund services and build infrastructure to provide service and support to the DD community.

Supports through WCSB40 are available only to those who qualify through the Department of Mental Health as being diagnosed with a developmental disability. Assistance with intake can be received at our physical address of 10558 West State Hwy E or by calling 573-438-2866. However, eligibility of determination is made by the Department of Mental Health, Division of DD.

Who is eligible to receive TCM services?

An individual who has a developmental disability that:

– Began before age 22

– Is likely to continue indefinitely

Results in substantial limitations in at least two of the following areas (three to receive waiver services):

– Living and working independently

– Written verbal communication

– Self-direction

– Learning

– Mobility

– Self-care.